Music and Arts

As diverse and dynamic as our students.

Beginning at the elementary level, Middle Country offers a uniquely diverse program in music for your child to explore. At the end of third grade, your child is able to choose an instrument in the band or the orchestra. After a trial period, your student can decide if the instrument is enjoyable, or if another would be preferable.

In fourth grade, ensemble rehearsals begin, teaching your child the value of dedication and commitment. Should your child decide against focusing on a specific instrument, there is a general music class to attend. At the elementary level, students can participate in chorus as well.

Once in middle school, children are given numerous opportunities to continue to follow their love of music, whether that is realized through playing a particular instrument or through singing. A child can also participate in both through after-school clubs.

At the high school level, the opportunities for specialization are innumerable. Course work and extracurricular activities allow for exploration into different areas of music, including composition, conducting, theatre, and solos. An AP Music Theory course integrates a STEM approach to the quantitative aspects of music with an appreciation for its acoustic aesthetics. Our district offers a full band, orchestra, and chorus. Smaller, specialized groups, like quartets and women’s choir, exist for your student to develop a more personal relationship with an instrument, or voice, of choice, as well as with the instructor. With clubs like jazz band, chamber orchestra, and TRI-M Honor Society, there is something for everyone, whether your child is interested in playing, appreciating, or just being around music.

In terms of art, Middle Country offers a comprehensive program beginning at the kindergarten level with fun activities like finger painting and coloring. In elementary school, children are given the opportunity to express themselves through art in an art class that is scheduled each and every week.

In Middle School, art takes up one period each year for one semester. Art clubs run as an extra-curricular activity. High school offers myriad opportunities for a more specific program. Advanced courses run on a demand basis, meaning that students get to choose what program runs. With everything from studio art to sculpture and painting, there is an art class to fit every desire.

The Drama Club is a huge draw for many of our students. Beginning in middle school, the Drama Club and Thespian Society put on a play and a musical each year. Students with a knack or passion for singing, dancing, or acting are encouraged to come down and try out. If being on stage isn’t your child’s type of song and dance, there are still opportunities to get involved through the stage crew, which always needs students to manage lights, sound, set building, and costumes.

For those students motivated to take their art or music passion beyond the in-school setting, Middle Country provides connections to a myriad of outside programs, like the Suffolk County Art Leaders Association, the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra, the New York State School Music Association, and the Long Island String Festival Association. Through Middle Country’s Friends of Music Association, students following their music passion are provided with information and assistance in applying for outside scholarships, like the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship. The Association also offers an in-house scholarships.

In Middle Country, music and art are pathways for your children to become more self-aware, create, develop uniquely personal forms of expression, and discover new ways of relating to the world around them.