So much more than middle of the road.

Middle school is often one of the toughest times for a student; physical and emotional upheavals coincide with the transition from a smaller, familiar school to a larger, stranger environment. We recognize how difficult this period can be for your child, which is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating an interesting, engaging, and caring atmosphere for your child to experience these changes in.

Having health as a mandatory class the first year your child enters middle school provides the perfect opportunity to educate students about the types of changes they might be undergoing, and showing them how to constructively deal with these changes. In terms of physical health, we offer intramural sports for sixth-graders and a gym period every other day.

Once your student reaches seventh grade, participation in competitive, inter-school sports is possible. For the potentially more difficult areas of health, like mental, social, and emotional, we do our best to form a safe environment where your child will be comfortable enough to branch out and forge new relationships. Clubs like “Best Buddies” pairs students to develop a sense of empathy, compassion and caring. The basis for these pairings is interest based, so a pair of students may, for instance, enjoy playing checkers together. Programs like this stem from a desire to foster equality, and from initiatives like DASA, which is state-wide, and stands for Dignity for all Students. ACT.

Middle school is also the time when your child might start to wonder about the future and think about things like jobs. We think this is a perfect time to start considering such things, and we have instituted “job shadowing days.” Your eighth grader will have the opportunity to shadow a professional in a personally selected field of interest. If your student does not yet have an idea of what type of job might be appealing, we offer online tests that help to gauge potential aptitudes and give your child an idea as to what might be an interesting or worthwhile job to pursue. You might be thinking that a day certainly isn’t enough time to really gauge interest in a career, and you would be right, which is precisely why this program is continued at the high school level with far more intricacy and detail. The experience in middle school is meant to “whet the appetite,” developing curiosity and excitement for what is to come at the high school level.

STEM curriculum in Middle Country is an integral aspect of the overall middle school education. For example, zSpaces have popped up, enabling students to learn and interact with a 3D simulation that grants them access to an infinite number of things, like heart transplant simulations and virtual tours. Your child will have the opportunity to work with these zSpaces, as well as taking part in live events sponsored by outside partners, like the Brookhaven National Laboratory that offers a program in DNA extraction for seventh and eighth graders. In addition, rather than the traditional single period of mathematics, seventh and eighth graders attend double periods of math every other day.

For our sixth graders, we have something we call a “flex” period, which is almost like an extra period to focus on a specific subject area. Teachers from the higher grade levels teach the sixth graders the beginnings of the curriculums for the future. Online platforms like GO Math! and enVISION allow your child to follow the exact outline of the lesson at home, as well as giving you complete access to progress in specific areas.

We aren’t solely focused on math and science. We offer band, orchestra, and chorus. If your child does not have enough room in the day for both a band and a chorus, your child can stay after school for a brief period of time to participate in as many musical ensembles as desired.

In Middle Country, middle school is not merely the transition between elementary and high school; It is a time your child starts to blossom, to realize that potential can be limitless, and that education can be fun, exciting, and the gateway to realizing hopes and dreams.