A launch pad for success in life.

To the uninformed (uninformed about Middle Country, that is), most high schools offer a similar type of education. Students get some music, some sports, some AP courses, and clubs. If you live in a larger district, your high school child probably gets some more options. So why exactly do we believe a Middle Country high school education is different than at any other high school in the region? We think it’s the holistic experience offered at both Newfield and Centereach High Schools…and the absolute devotion and passion our administrators and faculty have for your child’s progress and ultimate success.

Our District is large enough to offer countless opportunities in the arts, sciences, and athletics, but focused on the individual nature of each child in such a way as to help ensure your child never gets lost in the crowd. The fact that we have two high schools means the faculty to

student ratio is optimal for both the cultivation of a social dynamic and the individualization of the curriculum. Simply put, every student in our high schools has virtually limitless opportunities across the academic, fine arts, athletics and clubs spectrum.

Interested in music? We have a band, an orchestra, a chorus, and all the additional groups that complement these major ensembles, like a chamber orchestra, a jazz band, a men’s and women’s choir, and many more. There are even groups for instruments that aren’t offered as part of our curriculum. We offer AP Music Theory and our Tri-M music honor society affords your child the chance to get more involved in the music community.

We also offer a stellar art program based around student interest. If one year there is a lot of interest in sculpture, there will be a sculpture class, and if the following year there is more interest in studio art, then a studio art class will be offered. And if your child doesn’t have time for an art class, there is always the Art Honor Society!

For those students motivated to take their art or music passion beyond the in-school setting, we provide connections to a myriad of outside programs, like the Suffolk County Art Leaders Association (SCALA), the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra (MYO), the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA), and the Long Island String Festival Association (LISFA). Through Middle Country’s Friends of Music Association, students following their music passion are provided with information and assistance in applying for outside scholarships, like the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship. The Association also offers an in-house scholarships.

Is your child interested in athletics? We offer Junior Varsity and Varsity teams at both high schools in all the major sports. For some sports, there are even teams with players/members from both high schools. We recognize that while athletics are important, academics have to come first. All of our athletes are closely monitored by coaches and teachers to ensure adherence to academic requirements. In fact, many of our students qualify as a Scholar Athletes, and many of our teams have an average GPA over 90. While athletics of course involve a sense of competition,

our coaches keep in mind the importance of inspiring teamwork, cooperation, and providing leadership opportunities for students that are simply not always available in a classroom setting. If your child wants to play a sport but cannot commit to a full time team, there are intramurals and the weight room, as well as an every-other day gym class. And don’t worry if your child is not exactly a lover of athletics, there are choices in gym class. While your child can pick a competitive team sport group that might include flag football and basketball, there are also options for more relaxed activities such as yoga.

As you can see, high school in Middle Country is a singular experience, helping to ensure your child is well prepared for all the challenges that lay ahead, whether that next step is college, technical school, the workforce, or military service.