Building strong bodies, character and memories that last a lifetime!

When education is discussed, the most common theme is the importance of academics, of grades, testing, and numerical success. Here at Middle Country, we recognize that academics are but a single piece of a much larger whole, which is why we have developed a comprehensive athletic program that allows students to experience an entirely new side of peer interaction, critical thinking, personal confidence, and an appreciation of fitness and physical health.

At the high school level, Centereach and Newfield each offer over 44 Junior Varsity and Varsity teams. There are also organized teams sports at the middle school level. For these athletes, playing on the school team is a testament to their athletic prowess…and a privilege that demands they maintain their academic success.

NHS Football.jpgOur dedicated staff keeps a watchful eye on each of our student athletes to ensure that they remain students first and foremost. Grades and progress reports are monitored on a weekly basis. In fact, at both the middle school and high school level, many of our school team athletes are some of our best and brightest. At the high school level, many of our teams have earned the distinction of Scholar Athletes Team, meaning that the cumulative GPA of the team is above a 90.


For those who don’t wish to play so competitively, we have intramurals. We offer 28 different sports split up over three seasons, providing an eclectic array of opportunities for your child to explore the world of athletics. Practices in high school typically run two hours and often end around 4:30pm, in time for your child to catch the late bus home. The designation of captains on our teams provides students with the opportunity to adopt a leadership role, while also allowing other students to strive for a goal. The teamwork and tightknit friendships fostered during the athletic season extend far beyond the final buzzer, last out of the game or final race.

Summer programs allow high schoolers to run camps for younger students, fostering leadership qualities and a sense of community. Awards nights honor students for their commitments on and off the field, providing accolades for MVP, and highest GPA. Junior Varsity is invited to this ceremony as well, where these students are honored with academic awards. A highlight film accounts the admirable moments of the season, and fosters positive memories for the athletes and their families and friends in the audience.

Athletic programs provide students with opportunities simply not found in traditional classroom settings. There are countless moments for the development of leadership skills, and the recognition of the value of teamwork and cooperation. Our dedicated coaching staff acknowledges the competitive drive inherent in all sports, but balances the desire for victory with the notion that effort and the striving for excellence is what, in the long run, matters most.